What Means Wadu Hek PUBG? Bonus Memes

watch_later Sabtu, 21 Oktober 2017

What Means Wadu Hek PUBG? Bonus Memes - Hello good people, Are you PUBG player? Have you ever heard this one word "Wadu Hek" in a game called "PUBG" If you understand the meaning of the word (I mean MORE UNDERSTANDING) please comment below ok.

So I just explained about the meaning of "Wadu Hek" just a little because it is sourced from urairiction dair so I do not write the meaning of Wadu Hek there is a definite source.

Wadu hek is a predominant code used to say “send booty pics” or to send nudes in general. it is also general used by the famous Wadu in PUBG who is one of Twitch’s Shroud’s most dedicated stream snipers.

Wadu hek is a prevalent code used to state "send booty pics" or to send nudes by and large. it is additionally broad utilized by the popular Wadu in PUBG who is one of Twitch's Shroud's most devoted stream snipers.

So from here you understand what the word "Wadu Hek" means? If yes do not forget to SHARE to other PUBG player and do not forget to comment if not understand yes :) Thank you for visiting and I will give meme wadu hek.

Memes Waduhek

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