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What Happened, Kim Jong Un Walking in New York City

What Happened, Kim Jong Un Walking in New York City

What Happened 'Kim Jong Un' Walking in New York City - When I visited youtube I found a channel account named Qpark and uploaded a new vdeo with the title "10 Hours of Walking in NYC as Kim Jong Un" in the video he found someone similar to a North Korean leader, Previously Qpark is Youtuber prankster. Therefore he finds people who look similar to Kim Jong Un and runs on 3 different New York neighborhoods, and do not forget the action was recorded on camera.
FYI from Sputnik news: People on the street who were completely unaware of the fact that the whole performance was a joke were shouting "rocket man" and asking each other what Trump's most-hated politician was doing in America.

When the pranksters headed to their main destination, the 71-storey Trump Building on Wall Street and walked within asking, "Have you seen Donald Trump?" the pleased security guards UN agency instantly recognized the faux, replied that this sort of data was "classified."
However, a number of them asked the pranksters for selfies before they escorted them outside the building.

At the top of their journey, the couple headed to New York's Korea city, wherever residents laughingly admitted that the faux Kim Jong-un looked terribly shuddery.

Videos 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as Kim Jong Un

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