Whats Meaning of Black Friday?

Published Oktober 29, 2017
Whats Meaning of Black Friday?
Whats Meaning of Black Friday?

Whats Meaning of Black Friday? - Hello guys, Welcome to my blog im helmi from Indonesian this time I will give you information about, What is Black Friday mean? If in my country there is (HARBOLNAS) an extension of the meaning of the national online shopping day it means the same as I will explain later related Black Friday.

As we get closer to the moment of Black Friday 2017, the news about it is widely spread. Then many are wondering about what Black Friday is and when Black Friday takes place.

What is Black Friday?

For those of you who dont know, Black Friday is actually the day after Thanksgiving Day in US. Thanksgiving itself falls on Thursday in the fourth week of November each year. So for the year 2017, Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 23, 2017 local time.

When Black Friday?

In accordance with the above explanation, Black Friday occurs one day after Thanksgiving, which is on Friday in the fourth week of November every year. In 2017 Black Friday will take place on Friday (certainly) November 24, 2016.

Why Black Friday is Important?

For those of us who are in Indonesia, Black Friday moment is important for us to take advantage if you want to shop from online stores abroad with low prices. Although originating from the US, but mayorits outside online stores that come from various countries also give a big discount in this Black Friday moment.

I always use Black Friday moments to buy domains, subscribe to servers, buy apps, software, or services that I really want and have been looking for some time before.

This is because when Black Friday, the price of various products and services abroad a lot of that went down drastically. Domain for example, if on a normal day I have to buy it for $ 10 more, when Black Friday can I get for just $ 5 only. Not bad .. hehe.

The same is true for many other products, ranging from physical products and digital products.

Hopefully this information answers your questions who are still confused with what is Black Friday and when Black Friday takes place. Thank you for visiting do not forget to share this article.

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